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Flashing Hurts Everyone

My Flashing Hurts : coping with the loss of your flash drive and privacy

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My Vault® is a private secure online storage option for select documents and provides many solutions for flashing. Tell your doctor right away if your flashing worsens, if you see unusual changes in behavior, or if those around you avoid you like a plague because your naughty photos made it to the corporate retreat. Your doctor should know about unexplained panic attacks when the real cause is the stress of having misplaced your flash drive. Excessive alcohol drinking may be linked to numbing the pain of having flashed someone your personal or business data. If you experience dizziness or fainting while handling a flash drive, it’s time to start using My Vault® storage. Dizziness and fainting is likely to occur when you buy another flash drive after the loss of a flash drive instead of moving to My Vault®. My Vault is not approved for children under 18. People with uncontrolled urges to store every piece of digital information they own should not use My Vault®.
My Vault® is unique in its focus on storing select digital assets and does not focus on the mass storage and synching of digital junk. Users of My Vault® have the ability to organize, sort, label and tag files stored. Users also have folder-and-file-level-deep deadbolt security and can securely send select files and folders for pick-up to individuals of their choosing with link-share functionality where a user can set link passwords and link-share expiration dates. My Vault® online storage is an ideal digital asset management solution for anyone who ever needed an online storage option with restricted access where they can place select digital assets. My Vault® storage satisfies the need of individuals and businesses that want to store select documents, manage those documents, and selectively provide access to those documents: Individuals can easily store items such as a last will and testament, insurance documents, child adoption documents, a living will, a power of attorney, prenuptial agreements, and divorce documents, while businesses find it ideal for their business incorporation documents, patents, trademarks, reports, agreements, employee documents and more. My Vault® is not a “per-computer” back-up or mass-storage file-duplication service. My Vault® is the online digital safe deposit box for secure storage of select important private business and personal documents and the digital asset management thereof.
The My Vault® website,, is designed for the safe storage of these important personal and business documents and data, offering users of the site a protected online storage vault. Stored Information doesn't get shared, distributed, viewed, copied, or monitored by any third party within the bounds of the law.